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Alex Fuerst - Fuerst.one

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Alex Fuerst - Fuerst.one

I'm an explorer-slash-inventor. I like to build new ways around complex problems. I'm an explorer-slash-inventor. I like to build new ways around complex problems.

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My content is built multi-dimensional.

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Projects I've Worked On

Projects incoming
Playlist-Canvas App Image

Playlist-Canvas lets you create collages from your Spotify Album Art the way you want it.

Just select your playlist and configure, drag and drop, rotate and align your artwork. Or just place them randomly. No more need to google and download every single artwork, just edit it inside the tool and download the finished collage.


Spotify Playlist Cover-Art Collage Creator

Playlist-Canvas Logo
Playlist-Stats App Image

With Playlist-Stats you can find interesting facts about the music inside your Spotify playlists.

Using the Spotify API and some chart-magic, this app lets you dig deeper inside your musical taste. It automatically analyses the playlists of your choice for top artists, release date distribution and more.


Spotify Playlist Chart Generator

Playlist-Stats Logo
Public Searoutes App Image

Public Searoutes is designed to streamline your sea route planning process.

Public Searoutes is an open-source endeavor with the primary objective of offering a free and sustainable alternative to commercial routing services. Our core belief is in innovative problem-solving. In the context of today's highly interconnected world, where global logistics play an indispensable role in our daily lives, we, two developers from the maritime industry, are committed to making shipping more efficient and climate friendly.

Public Searoutes

Sea Route Calculation

Public Searoutes Logo
Seabo App Image

With seabo, the international maritime industry leaps one step further into digitalisation

The app provides several useful features around voyage calculation, competitor analysis, route monitoring and negotiation.

By providing a feature-rich and intuitive UI for this niche industry, this project enables charterer brokers to improve their efficiency and plan ahead with confidence.


Cargo Ship & Brokerage Management

seabo Logo
Shopware Redesign Image

A b2b package design company.

They wanted to offer a convenient way to buy customizable, printable packaging in all forms and functions over the internet.

More Infos soon.

Bags'n Boxes

Shopware Redesign

Bags'n Boxes Logo
Car Subscription Configurator Image

FAAREN is a car subscription startup.

As first of their kind in Germany, they enable customers to rent cars on a monthly flat rate. Everything included - change cars every month.
I enabled their website.

More Infos soon.


Car Subscription Configurator

Burger Loop Website Image

Burger Loop was a student tutor project

alongside my colleague Christiane Pluta for our University of Applied Sciences to explain coding basics. We used a burger to get it down a little funnier. This is my interpretation of it. See the team's live project on the link below.

More Infos soon.

Burger Loop

Coding Basics Tutorial

Burger Loop Logo

Coming Soon

Project Insight Stories, Productivity / Management App & more.

How I Roll

Get To Know My Thought Process

1. Audit

How is the Status Quo affecting the project's North Star Goal?

What is missing, what is too much?
Personas, Jobs to be done and competitor benchmarks help finding a path to success.

I analyse what the status quo is and what has to be done to reach success.

2. Build

Green light for taking action.

I get down to business and implement the new strategy right on point. Solo or on a team - continuous improvement and failing early is most important.

I start developing and implementing the new strategy lean and agile.

3. Cycle

Feedback in, new hypotheses out.

Experimentation is key to growth and so is measuring how your every move performs. But first, let's get business going.

Validating every step in the journey with experiments is key to stable growth.

Knowledge Graph

Where The Ideas Come from


I.C.S. Certificate For Academic Excellence

Mar 2017

Academic Degree

Bachelor Of Science (E-Commerce)

Oct 2020

Work Experience

E-Commerce Working Student @ Bags'n Boxes GmbH

Oct 2016 - Jan 2019

Webdesign & E-Commerce Freelancing

Jan 2017 - Today

Growth Analyst @ konversionsKraft

Mar 2019 - Today

If you're looking for someone who loves what he does, you're in the right place. I took my hobby to a business a while ago and you can be sure I am motivated to the fullest!     

I love what I do and am super motivated.
I can't wait to hear your website idea!

Core Values

What my work stands for

Helping Hand.

"If you got any questions or problems, I’m at your side to share my experiences."

Helpful Whenever Possible.

Growth Mindset.

"Everyone has ideas to share. You only get smarter when embracing an innovative atmosphere."

Open for Innovation.

Efficiency on point.

"Flexible in planning and requirements, but always delivering actionable outcome."

Focused on Outcome.


"I like to aggregate insights to make choices based on rock solid evidence."

Analytical Skills.

Brilliantly clean.

"Whether you love it or not, but when I work, structure is mandatory."

Orderly Coder.

High on Tools.

"ToDos, budget and time sheets. For every controlling need there's a tool I know."

Exact Documentation.

That's not it.

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