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Some Ideas on What your Business may need.

Is your webgame state of the art? What's your optimization process?

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What's Our Focus?

See how your goals affect the way I approach a project. The challenge is to cater our development process to our KPIs, therefore we need to know what influences our path.

Business Goals:


Creating Personas

By having a good traffic channel strategy and a fitting product presentation, we are able to maximize profits.

Profiles of our visitors help focus on channels and presentation.

Creating Relevance

To get both traffic and happy customers, we should build a solid content strategy. It should be valuable for your customers and boost your rankings.

We need to know how our visitors tick to serve them valuable content.

Recognizing Sources

Optimizing for traffic and conversion online is heavily reliant on user-rich channels, interesting product staging and well-crafted wording.

To recognize where people come from, we put ourselves in the customer's boots.


What matters most is the way we approach our visitors. A helpful and good looking website invites to engage and satisfies the user.

Empathizing with the visitor finds needs and risks.

Collecting Content

We focus on our acquisition strategy first. As search engines are mostly the prime traffic source, I have to find out about you.

As it is a major factor for most traffic sources.

Understanding the User

Our first step is finding out who your customers are. Based on that, we build a relevant and helpful website, that they will come back to.

To build around his needs, habits and desires.

Finding Value

When we want to sell something, we have to know the reasoning behind the desire. Based on that we can forge a performing web strategy.

To directly address customers desires.


The people coming to our website are not only numbers, they are people. There's more to generating traffic, than just making a website fast.

We have to understand where people come from.

Usability and Conversion

While proceeding I take care of easy usage, worthwhile website content and loading speeds, to satisfy both user and sources.

Users and search engines like speed, so I aim for performance and ease of use.

Improving Website Feel

I go for a easy to use navigation and inviting design. To guarantee good search engine visibility I follow industry standards.

By clarifying structure and activity we make our visitors stay.

Staging the Product

Creating a design that supports the customer's decision making and evoking desire is my main job here.

Storytelling and the right presentation are the key to conversion.


Making it playful to interact with your website and giving certain cognitive pushes invites the customer to engage.

A play-like user flow and placing triggers support decision making.

Best Practice

While developing your Website, I put adequate effort into search engine optimization, like page speed, data structure and other features.

Speed and structure improve those rankings.

Crafting Look and Feel

What matters most here, is the way the website feels. Primarily if it is intuitive and visually appealing.

Getting an intuitive product is crucial here.

Search Engine Optimizing

Here we go for good search engine rankings, viral advertising and an attractive product presentation.

Good traffic is the base of revenue increase.


Users have habits, needs and risks. If done right, you can support them using your product the way intended.

They need to be guided to find their way.

Shuffle Goals to see different Approaches!

Search Engine Optimization

To get a lot of traffic I develop a powerful, custom online marketing strategy for our website appearance.

With an optimized site and marketing strategy we reach your goals.

Enhancing Web Visibility

Ending with a customized keyword and advertising plan, we make sure possible customers find our website easily.

To be found online easily, I adjust your website for best rankings.

Optimizing Flow

Testing navigation and viable action-chains will give your new built website a significantly improved outcome.

By easing the user flow we remove the last obstacles to buying.


By prototyping in iterations I evaluate the best conversion strategy to make the user experience as joyful as possible.

Customized content for our visitors provides more incentives.

Marketing Setup

If you want to use search engine advertising, I will setup a customized strategy for your website project as well.

Advertising online gets even more customers.

Content Testing

I use tests to optimize usability and to compare different wording or imagery. That way we get a bullet-proof experience for the user.

As a proof of concept and to adjust website content.

Customer Journey

We set up relevant business channels and compare corresponding wording, to improve your customers' conversion rate.

We flatten the paths to conversion.


There are a lot of different types of characters. By tackling problems, not solutions, we create unique value with our content.

And they love to receive appropriate entertainment.

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